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Mostly Exo and Lady Gaga.

1/? of Mr. Wu being adorable  ಠ益ಠ

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Sehun’s lips biting ಥ_ಥ

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Dave Franco for Band of Outsiders Fall 2014

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making of: it’s okay, it’s love

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Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.
I was tagged by @hyuky!
Name: Marco
Nickname: Tonio
Birthday: May 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Height: 5’11
Time zone: Central Time
What time and date is it there: 10:11PM 8/31/14
Average hours of sleep: If I’m lucky I get 8 or 9 hours but on avergae like 7 hours.
OTPs: Right now I really don’t have one but Sehun and Donghae tho!
The last thing I Googled was: Movie hours for the theater.
First word that comes to mind: :biblio:
What I last said to a family member: I love you, good night
One place that makes me happy and why: Chinatown/Chicago, Hmart, they’re just places I enjoy spending my time at and the food at both places are so good.
How many blankets I sleep under: one
Favourite beverage: Anything with mango!
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
Three things I can’t live without: Internet, parents, friends
Something I plan on learning: Driving. Definitely driving jfc.
A piece of advice for all my followers: Honestly never give up on things you want. I know it’s easy to just give up but you’ll have a great outcome of whatever you’re doing if you don’t give up. I’ve given up on many things and I regret doing that, but there have been other times I never did and I felt happy with myself.
You have to listen to this song: Dolls - Nine Muses
My blog(s): this one and I have a Korean photo blog but since I don’t have a computer at the moment I really can’t do that right now.

Don’t know who to tag because Alex tagged people I’d tag so YEHA.

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Chansoo once again being Chansoo during ‘XOXO' in Taiwan

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thanks for staying strong ♡

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sehun laughing

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140829 Mnet 90:2014 - Sehun's MV

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good vs. evil

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Sehun’s Yo! MV remake

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